Fortnite – Dinosaur prints can be seen all around the map after the latest update.

According to Qpaniic and a dozen more Reddit users. The Season 5 theme could be hinted as early as now at the start of Season 4. With Dinosaur footprints located around the island, a Dinosaur logo at the end of battle pass season 3 and skins such as Rex and Tricera Ops. They might now […]

Did Epic Games Expose A Part Of A New Map In The After The Latest Update?

You haven’t been able to see this before, but if you look closely while in the battle bus after this latest update, you’ll be able to see loads of different new landmarks around the island you’re about to drop into. Across the water and around. (Scroll down for video) While hovering with the glider we […]

Is this the most beautiful screenshot on Fortnite Battle Royale so far?

So, I was scrolling through reddit (fnbr) and came across this magnificent work of art. Just the timing and perfection is amazing. u/Syinite posted a picture with the text over it saying: Went hiking with a few friends today the view was insane! Well the view was insane…Check this out! Did you enjoy this? Be […]

Fortnite (PS4/XBOX/PC) – New Controls After Patch V.1.11! (MUST READ)

After the patch V.1.11 the controls in the game has changed. Some buttons aren’t placed as before. Interestor has the first official guide to help you get to know the new controls and be able to apply these before everyone else.  Click on the “Next Page” below to recive the guide before anyone else!