4 Personal Tips On How To Improve As A Fortnite Player!

Lads, hope everyone has had an awesome weekend with a lot of victories on Battle Royale. First of all, I’d like to excuse in advance for my sometimes messy grammar (I’m swedish).

I’m Ada. Running @interestorco on Instagram & @interestor.co on Facebook. I’ve shared some interesting articles and concepts from Fortnite earlier onto here. You’ve might seen it or you don’t. Should definitely check them out if you haven’t.

However, i’d like to come down to a more personal and closer relationship with you guys. What I mean by this is that I’d like to share my own thoughts, tips & tricks from Fortnite but also other games I’ve played.


Now, enough with the small talk, let’s get to business. I’ve improved my Fortnite gameplay pretty much from when I first started back in October to where I am today. And I’d like to share some things I thought would come handy when trying to improve your skills on this game. I’ll focus my tips & tricks to console players many due to the fact that it’s what i play myself! 

I’ll break everything down to about 4 separate parts: Building, Aiming, Moving & Winning. I’ll explain everything down below!



You see all these John Wicks skins (The Reaper) building giant towers in under two minutes before you’ve managed to even shoot once. It’s ridiculous how some players managed to pull it of. I used to literally suck donkey ***** when it came to building against players in a simple 1v1.

You can of course improve your building in practicing as hell or a little more simple one, my way. Change from example Combat Pro (controller settings) to Builder Pro. This gives you speed, timing and it will, trust me improve your ways to outbuild your opponent much easier. I used to play with Combat Pro and changing to Builder Pro was a bit hard and took some games to get used to, but it’s so worth it. TRY IT! (Remember this: High ground advantage is maybe the most important thing in a 1v1 or in any fight always stay above your opponent!)



fortnite shooting.jpg

Fun Fact: You have to hit your enemy in order to kill him! Yes, believe it or not, but it’s easier to win Fortnite games if you can actually hit your targets. What I did to improve my aiming was first of all: Twitch streamers, such as Ninja. How could he be able to hit so much? What’s the tricks he’s using?

Well, for example if you are shooting with a AR. Instead of spraying away 70 bullets on a target miles away, try to just tap shot. Save bullets & hit a lot easier.

When it comes to probably the most effective weapon in the game except from the RPG, The Shotgun. Practice using your shotgun in 1v1 situations, try to find those situations. DROP TILTED!



So, what I mean by “Moving” is as you can see above pretty clear. An always already figured out plan whenever the first circle is forming. I choose almost every time one of these two routs. Simply because it’s pretty centered of the map, and a lot of loot is hiding in these spots.

Rout 1: My game winning rout: dropping in the Containers, heading straight over to Tomato Town (If the circle let’s me), grab a lot of gear, then further to either Anarchy Acres, Tilted or Pleasant. It’s my game winning rout just because I’m very familiar to where people can be showing up, where all chest spots is and it’s funnier to fight on that part of the map! TRY IT!

Rout 2: My high kill game rout: Whenever I’m eager to get some kills i almost always drops Salty Springs (Or Tilted) but its always people here, and then you head down towards the factory’s (Between Dusty, factories and Salty: There is ALWAYS people). From the factories you either go tilted, retail or dusty! TRY IT!



Everyone wants it, not everyone gets it. The notorious VICTORY ROYALE! When you’ve practiced your building, aiming and have a solid rout to follow. It’s time to get those dubs. My tips is this: When the circle get’s smaller (Maybe 5-9 people left) and you’re just about to shit your pants of pure nervousness. Just keep calm, stay close to the storm and move with it when it approches the next circle. This will help you by keeping your eyes forward and wont get shot from behind.


I really hope this helped you out mate, if it did. Leave a comment down below or just simply write us an private message on any of our social media’s down below. We’ll happily answer any question you might have!

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