How to get a custom matchmaking key – Explained!

Well, after the latest update. (On console) Many have been wondering why there is a button called “custom matchmaking” and what it does (while waiting in party on Fortnite). Interestor will surely help you figure it out.

Custom matchmaking is basically a lobby where you can play either private by yourself in a lobby or with others. You can adapt the settings much easier and would be a perfect way to for example: challenge someone in a 1v1 without anyone interrupting.

In order to make such a custom lobby, what you need is a “matchmaking key” basically a virtual key that you and the other person who’s going to play need to have the same one. (How to enter the keep is shown in the picture above).

But not everyone has the opportunity to try this new feature yet!

According to sources, the only people who has access to these type of feature right now is either Influencers (on instagram for example) or streamers on twitch or YouTubers with loads of viewers.

The custom matchmaking feature is still under constructions and the people who gets the chance to use it, is basically trying it out.

So if you want one of those keys, start grinding!

There’s also been a lot of rumors going around that it could be possible to change a lot of settings such as how fast the storm eye shrinks and some say there will be 2 more maps to play on. Non of this is confirmed and only rumors, keep that in mind.

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