Fortnite – Season 4 Battle Pass Theme Confirmed?

As in an earlier article we wrote, when a dude on reddit. (Read our earlier uploads) Came up with an idea that the next battle pass theme could be “The Dinosaur Age”. And that the meteor (most of you know about it) will crash in the end of season 4, wipe out the whole map and a new map will be the start of Season 5.

I Think it would be hella dope, but Epic games haven’t (unfortunately) confirmed anything yet and we might speculate a little to much sometimes. But, this could absolutely be a possible theme.

However, I really would enjoy a Dinosaur aged theme, so I made an possible “battle pass look alike” or just a concept to how Season 4 could look like.

What’s your thoughts about this? Any, tips/concepts or ideas you guys might have, send us a quick DM on either our Instagram or (definitely the best way) on our livestreams on Twitch.

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