Battle Pass 100 Tiers Challenge – Exposed!

Grinding your way through the battle pass in season 3? Dreaming of one day reaching the last tier and grab “The Reaper” skin or John Wick skin as it’s also called?

Well, along with the rewards from all the tiers trough out the battle pass you can also (as you might now) do all weekly challenges that comes every week. By doing this you earn even more rewards and when reaching the last tier also unlocking a secret reward called “100 tiers challenge” which you along with The Reaper skin receives.

Many has speculated what it might be, some say v-bucks other say harvest tools.

None of them is true thought. It’s actually a glider:

High Octane Glider

High Octane Glider

Now you might think like this, “hmm, I’ve seen this, how come? The weekly challenges isn’t done yet?”

Well my friend, everyone who bought all their way up to 100 tiers in the beginning received everything. So they already got it!

If you didn’t knew this, now you know. Hope this helped you out!

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