These “Free” V-Bucks Pages Are Fake!

Dear Lads, once and for all please read this and understand the consequences from it. Epic Games or ANY associated business partners to them will not ever under any circumstances give you FREE v-bucks. Understand this please. We’ve collected a step to step guide on how to not get fooled by these scamming sites/ Instagram pages.

These pages often use Instagram/Twitter/Youtube or other social medias to try and advertise their websites in order to attract people to them. It can look like this:


^ This is fake

We’ve collected a step to step guide below on how to recognize, prevent and understand if these pages are fake or not. 


  1. If there is a page called for example “Fortnitefree_vbucks” on Instagram tries to follow you. Just ignore it, you won’t recieve any free v-bucks and the website might contain virus if you click on any of these links attached to it.

Example of a page: scam thing.png

2. Once again, understand that Epic games or any associated business partners will never under any circumstances give you free v-bucks or anyone else. It dosen’t work that way.

3. Just like the example shown above, there is pages on Instagram just trying to gain followers fast by “giving” away 1,000 v-bucks to their 3000 first followers. That dosen’t make sense right? So its 1,000 x 3000 = Approximatly 11$ x 3000 = Shit load of money…

4. To finish this little step by step guide, we’ve added some screenshots of people who got scammed of these sites.

scam 2scam

If you don’t have the money to buy V-bucks, never ever try to get it somewhere else. Wait instead til you got enough money to buy some.


Hope this helped you out,

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