Interestor – 15 Seconds of eargasm!

So, we’ve been working on a project for you guys and We’ve decide to give you a little sneak peak. Still under development and far from done. However, before we give you this 15 seconds of eargasm to listen to. We’ll just give you a quick introduction on what to come.


So we, as I said earlier are in the early stages on developing an Instagram page where we will be bringing you all sorts and types of music. Some that you could use in your projects, and some just to give your feed and ears some pretty pretty good vibes.

15 second videos of incredible backgrounds and unbelievable music, you probably won’t find anywhere else. I’m talking about Trap, remixes, R&B, acoustic, pop you name it! Everything! We will focus on remixes tho so you can be able to use em in your own projects.

Well, enough talking, let’s listen to this amazing masterpiece – Linkin’ Park – Numb -> A remix by Sage (You’ll find the whole song here)

Interested? We’ll announce the release of the page on our Instagram <- Leave a follow to stay up to date!

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