Fortnite – Patch V.1.11 – Everything You Need To Know!




The Fortnite Guide to Holiday Survival is here!

  • Holiday Survival Event
    • Help Ray bring the holiday spirit to everyone in the husk-ridden world in this new event questline.
    • Earn an avalanche of Snowflake Tickets by participating in the event.
    • Players will receive Mission Alert updates for the duration of the holiday event!
    • Holiday Survival Llamas are available for purchase (1000 Snowflake Tickets.)
    • Be on the lookout for secret holiday-themed activities!
  • With the end of the Mutant Storms event, every 1,000 unspent Storm Tickets will be converted to a storm llama that will be available in their loot tab. All other unspent tickets will be lost after this event is over.
  • Mini-Boss
    • These are super-tough versions of the Husk, Husky, and Smasher that have up to four randomized gameplay modifiers attached.
    • Mini-Bosses can appear in many different mission types, indicated by new Mini-Boss Mission Alerts that appear on the theater map.
      • These new Mission Alerts reward event tickets and up to 10 can be completed each day.
      • Note that while Mutant Storms are also present on the map to provide evolution materials, these do not reward event tickets.
    • Mini-Bosses will also appear in the updated Survival mode, detailed below.
    • There is a new repeatable quest that gives Seasonal Gold each time you manage to take out a Mini-Boss in a successful mission.
    • Look for this feature to expand in the future!
  • Survive the Storm
    • We have listened to player feedback and present to you the improved Survive the Storm mode:
      • New Winter survival map, with festive trees, snow and a mountain vista.
      • Players now have the ability to skip the day by voting.
      • There are now two versions of Survival: 3-day and 7-day.
        • No voting to extend, just show up prepared to fight!
      • New generators
        • Vindertech upgraded the traditional generators. They are more resilient but cannot be fixed in the field.
        • Generator placement spots differ from game to game.
      • New enemies
        • Expect a Mini-Boss to drop in the fight on days 3 and 7.
      • Adjusted and rebalanced difficulty, resourcing and rewards.
    • 3-day and 7-day Survival Mission Alerts award Snowflake Tickets (scaled by difficulty.)
    • 3-day Survival Mission Alerts
      • Every day, the first three missions grant bonus loot.
    • 7-day Survival Mission Alerts
      • Every day your first mission win grants bonus loot.
    • Snowflake Tickets can continue to be earned during Survival Mode after the Mission Alert quota has been reached but at a much smaller rate.
    • Grab yourself a stocking stuffer! Holiday Survival Banners can be earned by completing Survive the Storm event quests.
  • Holiday Heroes
    • Four new hero builds are in town for the holiday event.
    • Sarah Claus: Alchemist – Gradually regenerates health through melee combat while wearing down enemies with corrosion.
    • Blitzen BASE Kyle: Warden – Heals himself during melee combat, has Hardware weapon boosts, and has a BASE that regenerates the health of allies who stand inside it.
    • Snow Stalker Jonesy: Demolisher – Specializes in fighting crowds of enemies with explosive shells and grenades that regenerate more quickly in combat.
    • Fragment Flurry Jess: Reclaimer – Fragment specialist with an energy beam equipped TEDDY who can charge their abilities by defeating enemies in combat.
    • In addition to finding these heroes in Holiday Survival Llamas:
      • Legendary Sarah Claus is available in the Event Store.
      • Epic Jonesy, Epic Jess, and Legendary Kyle are available via quests.
  • Wintery Weapons
    • Ralphie’s Revenge – A low-damage sniper rifle with a MASSIVE headshot multiplier. Remember to wear eye protection!
      • Available in the Event Store.
    • Frostbite – A wintery sniper rifle that deals Water damage and gets a damage bonus after headshot streaks.
      • Earned by completing Survival mission quests.
    • Snowball Launcher – Fires snowballs that damage and snare groups of enemies.
      • Winter storyline quest reward.
  • In addition to that, we’re also introducing the Vacuum Tube Weapon Set!
    • These electrified weapons use energy cell ammo and deal Nature damage.
    • Sniper Rifle – Fires a long-range high-damage continuous beam of lightning.
    • Auto Pistol – A shorter-range lightning beam pistol.
    • Revolver – Fires powerful zaps of lightning that damage and stun foes.
    • Assault Rifle – A semi-auto rifle with a good amount of impact that stuns enemies.
    • Shotgun – Discharges 3 quick short-range bursts of lightning.
    • Axe, Sword, and Spear – Heavy electrified melee weapons that stun enemies rather than knocking them back.
    • Ball Lightning Launcher – Fires 3 balls of lightning that damage and stun enemies in a large radius.
    • All of these weapons are available in the Holiday Survival Llama.
  • Hero Rarity Upgrades
    • Hero upgrading allows you to upgrade your Hero cards to higher rarities!
      • Players may notice an outfit change when upgrading Hero rarities.
    • A new type of resource called “Flux” is used to upgrade the rarity of heroes. It can be purchased from the Event Store.


  • All-new store with items available to purchase using in-game currency! This store has two sections:
    • The Event section has items available for the current major event!
    • The Weekly section has new items to check out every week.
    • These items can be purchased with new currencies: Seasonal Gold and Daily Coins.
    • Seasonal Gold can be earned by playing any mission. Drop rate scales with difficulty.
    • Daily Coins are earned by completing Daily Quests


Access Your Backpack and Storage before loading into the world!

  • Players can now view and interact with their Backpack and Storm Shield Storage via the Armory screen before entering the world!
  • Use the Backpack screen to equip weapons and recycle world items.
  • Use the Storage screen to transfer items between backpack and storage.
  • No more guessing where those quest rewards landed – new item notifications will lead you to them.
  • Crafting in the frontend backpack is coming soon!
  • You can now complete up to four Mutant Storms per day for rewards.
  • The Collection Book now offers rewards up to level 350.
  • Removed the following mission daily quests from the daily rotation (if you are already on this mission you will still be able to complete it):
    • A Little Van That Could.
    • Gate Crasher.
    • Data Retrieval.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Save the World tutorial after playing a match of Battle Royale


  • Raider Nomad – A new shotgun focused soldier hero. Get to level 100 in the collection book to unlock him.

Outlander Fragments

  • Outlanders now start with the ability to hold one Charge Fragment, down from two.
  • However, both TEDDY and Shock Tower now increase this Fragment capacity by one.
  • As a result Outlanders with one Fragment ability have the same capacity as before (two) while Outlanders with both TEDDY and Shock Tower can carry one extra (three).


  • The 2-Star Hero Evolution nodes (located in the Tier 1 skill tree page) have been updated to also include Hero Upgrades for that class. For example:
    • The ‘Unlock 2-Star Constructor Evolution’ node has now become the ‘Unlock 2-Star Constructor Evolution & Constructor Promotions’ node.
    • If you already owned one of these nodes, then you have also been granted the ability to promote that class of hero.
  • Added Tutorial Quest for upgrading a Hero’s rarity.
    • Granted after the Supply Run Quest in Stonewood has been completed.


  • Rucksack soldier perk now grants two extra Frag Grenades, down from three.

Bug Fixes

  • ‘Adjustable Choke’ support bonus now properly modifies critical rate with shotguns.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Goin’ Commando ability to scale with both Tech and Offense. It now only scales with Tech.


  • Quest Items now drop from props or enemies no matter who destroys them.
  • Storm Chest duration timer now starts when the first enemy spawns, this is fairer as it sometimes takes a couple of seconds to spawn enemies.
  • Drone Salvage mission now gives 15 more seconds to reach the site and build defenses before it crashes.
  • Drone Salvage mission now gives tiered mechanical crafting ingredients in addition to its previous rewards.

Bug Fixes

  • The “Clear!” quest will now update appropriately once the Med-bot has been completed.
  • Added missing daily discovery quest updates to some parks and parking lots.
  • Fixed an issue where survivors wouldn’t spawn on Building the Relay missions.
  • Fixed an issue where The Storm Chest wouldn’t complete correctly when only one Mist Monster spawned and was eliminated.


  • Characters in pregame and postgame lobbies now have a floor to stand on. No more floating!
  • New Hero View Screen where you can spin your selected hero 360 degrees.
  • Changed the text on the multi-Upgrade-Llama purchase options to clarify that the Llamas do not have a higher chance to upgrade than a normal Upgrade Llama does.

Bug Fixes

  • Stat comparisons have been updated to display Build Cost reductions as a positive rather than a negative.
  • When a crafting action fails, the crafting queue is cleared and the ingredient list is immediately refreshed to show refunded resources.
  • Fixed an issue where the remaining amount of llamas wasn’t being shown to the player on the loot tab screen.
  • The Proximity Mine node description now shows “explosion radius” instead of “detonation radius”.
  • Fixed rift icons not showing up on the main map until they appeared on the mini-map.
  • Reduced auto-scrolling of the schematics list during crafting.
  • Fixed the Goin’ Commando weapon showing up in inventory during use.


  • New suppressed pistol sounds.
  • Transformer zap sound updated to use new electrical sounds.


  • Removed unnecessary collision work on the server to improve server performance.
  • Reduced number of objects updating each frame to improve performance.


  • Added support for 21:9 displays and any other ultrawide resolutions.


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