Top 3 easiest ways to score goals in FIFA FUT 2017!

We all remember FIFA 2014-16 when you could score on every corner and basically celebrate your next goal before even taking the corner because of the high rate of goals you’ve scored every single match. However, INTERESTOR have collected the 5 easiest ways to score in FUT 2017. So if you’d like to become the “Inzaghi” among your friends, continue reading. 

1. POWER LONG SHOTS; Apart from the Previous games FIFA 17 offers an extended and easier way to shot long shot we’ve noticed. And here’s the trick how to score every time – 

dr_poplove, explains: “You need a few steps of open space because you need time to pump power into your shot.

“You don’t want it in the red, but absolutely hold it down longer than usual. The amount of power varies from player to player, so you’ll have to practice and figure out what works best for your cards. Usually, 2 to 3.5 bars of power get the job done.

“If the keeper holds your shot, that means it’s way too weak. If the keeper does a massive dive to save it, you either need just a bit more power or you need to aim at a more extreme angle to wards the corner with the left stick.
“It also helps if you bring a lot of speed into these shots, coming out of a sprint. If you’re standing still, it still works, but you’ll need to pump more power and be a little closer).

2. Now it’s time to use some finesse – from shooting hard to curve it like Beckham, this is the second mest effective way to score in FIFA FUT 2017.

dr_poplove explains: “The finesse shot curls the ball around all of the traffic in front of you. You can bust it out with much less space than a straight shot.

“The drawback to the finesse shot is that it’s very weak and requires good shooting attributes, plus the finesse trait helps a lot. You need to pump lots of power and aim for the top corner.”
“But the window for getting the power right is really narrow compared to just blasting the ball, and you need to aim at a more extreme angle compared to other shots.

3. We’ve already been talking about corners, but it’s simply because it’s one of the most effective ways to score in the game. Below we will teach you how to make your corner consist in a goal almost every time; 

What you need to score on a corner;

  • A midfielder or striker with precision and power.
  • A striker, midfielder or defender with good header at the first post.

When taking the corner, double tap rectangle/X to add more power and curve. Now aim 3-4 meters outside the first post (watch picture)

Have pace when you are attacking the ball because the more power you add to the already curved ball the harder it will get for the goalie to take it.

Now start practicing and hopefully this will give you some results!

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Credit to Dr_poplove Dreamteam FC

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