FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 (Console) – Get the chance to face the best FIFA players in the world!

FIFA Interactive world cup 2017 is just around the corner and the best pro players on FIFA is going to face each other in a clash to win the biggest gaming tournament in the world. The prize is not just to bring the trophy home to your country, but 300.000$ aswell. 


Now you got the chance to meet your football idols by playing this huge tournament. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

To compete in FIWC17 you need:
• A PlayStation®4 or an Xbox One
• A copy of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17
• An Internet connection
• An EA account
• Register on

Register for FIWC17
All players who wish to be eligible for FIWC 17 need to (1) set-up an EA account if they don’t have one, and (2) register their EA account on

To set up an EA account:
• Go to
• Click on ‘join now’
• Click on ‘Create your EA Account’
• Submit your email and your personal data
• Accept the Terms and Conditions

Once you have registered successfully with EA Online, you will have to complete the steps outlined below to become eligible to play EA SPORTS™ FIFA 17 competitively and have the chance to qualify for the Ultimate Team Championship Series or one of the FIWC Regionals, and ultimately the main event – the FIWC 17 Grand Final!

Want to find out more? Head over to: FIFA Interactive World Cup

Good luck!

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