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Top 5 most expensive weapons in CS:GO


  1. AWP | DRAGON LORE – SUOVENIR (FACTORY NEW) worth up to $23 000 USD2760373D-00DD-4C3F-B7EF-C68BAF3E93CC-734-00000056F5C08491

  2. STATTRAK™ AK-47 | FIRE SERPENT (FACTORY NEW) is worth up to $3700 USD0B2A386A-60EF-46D4-873D-27AD556B2C1D-734-0000005B73943029

  3. SOUVENIR M4A1-S | KNIGHT (FACTORY NEW) Is worth $670 USD E2C30FFB-C2F2-46D1-AA9A-3E8D2A4D0017-734-0000005976341439

  4. STATTRAK™ M4A4 | HOWL (FACTORY NEW) is Worth $2700 USD 3AE208BC-D571-4796-B39C-A03FBC1BF8BB-734-000000569E6624D2

  5. AWP | MEDUSA (FACTORY NEW) Is worth up to $1500 USD E1A91A45-EF7C-41F5-9C2B-7F2C821849C8-734-0000005B2D74AFB2


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