Top 10 most expensive items in H1Z1:King Of The Kill

  1. Skin: J!nx T-Shirt Is worth up to $1870 USD48A55108-6297-4918-BD45-6002678549E4-901-0000007C6327B62C

  2. Skin: Toxic AK-47 is worth up to $415 USDE7BC9799-C151-4C7F-8269-6390C0F0CB35-901-0000007D3CDD2A5C

  3. Skin: Toxic Body Armor Is worth up to $440 USD8877EC2A-A627-459B-9033-0B2A4F8F5841-901-00000077E9B5DA71

  4. Skin: Cigar Hog Mask Is worth up to $845 USD8008CCDB-BAAF-48DA-9D2F-02F265CD07AA-901-0000007854BC718B

  5. Skin: Toxic Shotgun Is worth up to $255 USD5482E6C4-C55F-4891-B045-24C4DC403668-901-00000077F07A8D27

  6. Skin: Patriotic AR-15 Is worth up to $400 USD8F4502EA-BA09-4F02-BE53-BBA9DF108DEF-901-0000007A235AFEB1

  7. Skin: Skull Face Bandana Is worth up to $1000 USD449BCE85-D733-4EFF-ADBC-508FC36FAC47-901-0000007B04E98DA3

  8. Skin: All American Face Bandana Is worth $470 USDC8D28460-BD21-4C7C-A260-75E3C66871CA-901-0000007BF2200A3B

  9. Skin: Evil Clown Face Bandana Is worth $450 USDC64AD9D1-45B5-4C91-BB07-1F05285CD333-901-0000007BECD4800E

  10. Skin: Blue Face Bandana Is worth $200 USD03BCFF2D-90BA-4B38-A62F-EC2F7B88D700-901-0000007C80B45C6F

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